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Deaths in 2012

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Added 10.04.2012

In the list of the year around 500 names

Deaths in 2012:

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 - New. In listings added: Supercentenarian, Killed priests, Hockey players: tragedies, Generals, Most ridiculous death, "27 club", Suicide of top models, Drowning celebrities, Aviacrash, Poets-suicide-4 (1930-49) (Mayakovski Tsvetaeva...), Died of lung cancer, "from AIDS", Autocrash. 1985 ††† (all more than 7800 loss of humanity and also of the world Animals). Categories.

April 2012

 - Ivan Oliger (Иван Олигер, 102) - zoologist. Died on April 10, 2012.
The oldest Russian zoologist, the entomologist, the writer, the author of manuals, the teacher, the founder of zoological school. From 1942 to 1945 — the participant of the World War II and fighting operations with Japan. In 1939 has finished biological faculty of the Leningrad state university (the pupil V.A.Dogel, member correspondent Academy of Science the USSR), from 1951 for 1979 — managing zoology chair at the Chuvash state teacher Institute of a name of I.Ja.Jakovleva (in Cheboksary), the senior lecturer, docentthe candidate biological science, the organizer student's an expert in especially protected natural territories of the USSR (the state natural reserves — Astrakhan, Darvinsky, Kandalaksha, Lazovsky, Mordovian). On October, 27th, 2009 at the Chuvash state teacher Institute the anniversary actions devoted to 100-year-old anniversary of I.M.Oliger on which He has told not only about itself have taken place, but also read on memory favourite poems. The author of 10 school manuals and popular books. Three children (all biologist, Ph.S.). Daughters, Tatyana Ivanovna, the Deserved ecologist of the Russian Federation (arachnologist) and Marina Ivanovna. The son, Alexey Ivanovich (the entomologist), the director of Prisursky zapovednik (reservat & national park). (Олигер Иван Михайлович, Oliger Ivan Mihajlovich born 8 September, 1909, Nizhni Novgorod). Has died in Cheboksary. It is buried on April, 10th.
      ... He learnt me not only biology. Farewell the teacher and the instructor ... BIOLOGISTS

 - Fang Lizhi (76) - astrophysicist. Died on April 6, 2012. Chinese political activist and astrophysicist. Chinese vice-president of the University of Science and Technology of China, and activist whose liberal ideas inspired the pro-democracy student movement of 1986-87 and, finally, the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Because of his activism, he was expelled from the Communist Party of China in January 1987.

March 2012

 - Tony Newton (74) - politician. Died on March 25, 2012. British politician, Leader of the House of Commons (1992–1997), MP for Braintree (1974–1997). Conservative politician and former Cabinet member. He was the member of Parliament for Braintree from 1974–1997, and was later a member of the House of Lords. (Tony Newton, Baron Newton of Braintree).

 - Jan Goossenaerts (111) - supercentenarian. Died on March 21, 2012. Belgian supercentenarian, oldest man in Europe. Following the death of Stanley Lucas of the United Kingdom, he was the oldest verified living man in Europe. At the time of his death he was the world's 3rd-oldest living man. Goossenaerts was born in the community of Horendonk, in Essen, to Josephus "Jozef" Goossenaerts and Joanna Van Ginneken. Goossenaerts married Catharina Van Meel (18 August 1909 – 2 July 1997) on 18 January 1930. They were married for 67 years, until her death. They had five children: Irma (78) and Marcel (74) are deceased. Maria, Frans, and Jozef are still living. Goossenaerts lived in a nursing home in Essen, Antwerp, since 2007. He took up residence there at age 106. Goossenaerts was in moderate shape. He was still able to walk, but rarely left his room. He has reported that his secret to longevity is to work hard and eat two slices of bread with pear syrup every morning. He worked as a mason and retired at the age of 65.

February 2012

 - Davy Jones (66) - musician. Died on February 29, 2012. English recording artist and actor, best known as a member of The Monkees. From 1966 to 1971, Jones was a member of The Monkees, a pop-rock group formed expressly for a television show of the same name. With Screen Gems producing the series, Jones was shortlisted for auditions, as he was the only Monkee who was signed to a deal with the studio, but still had to meet producers Bob Rafelson's and Bert Schneider's standards. Jones sang lead vocals on many of the Monkees' recordings, including "I Wanna Be Free" and "Daydream Believer". On the morning of 29 February 2012, Jones was found seated in his car complaining of chest pains and having difficulty breathing. He was rushed to Martin Memorial South Hospital in Stuart, Florida, where he was pronounced dead of a severe heart attack due to atherosclerosis.

 - Infanta Maria Adelaide of Portugal (100) - Royal. Died on February 21, 2012. Portuguese royal, was an Infanta of Portugal from the royal House of Braganza, daughter of Miguel (II), Duke of Braganza and Princess Maria Theresa of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. She was born in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France. Her godparents were King Manuel II, the last reigning king of Portugal, and Amelie of Orleans. Infanta Maria Adelaide was educated at the Sacre Coeur College in Riedenburg, Germany. She was married in Vienna, 13 October 1945, to Dr. Nicolaas van Uden (Venlo, 5 March 1921 – Lisbon, 5 February 1991) who was Dutch and who became a naturalized Portuguese citizen in 1975. He was a medical biochemist and a great scientific authority in the field of yeast development.

January 2012

 - Keriman Halis Ece (98) - fashion model. Died on January 28, 2012. Turkish beauty pageant queen, pianist and fashion model, Miss Turkey 1932. She was also crowned as the winner at International Pageant of Pulchritude in Spa, Belgium. She was born in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) as one of the six children of a merchant, Tevfik Halis Bey, in 1913. On July 31, 1932, she was crowned as the winner among competitors from 27 countries, achieving Turkey’s first title at an international beauty contest after three years only of its existence and less than a decade after the founding of the Republic. Following the introduction of the surname act on June 21, 1934, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk gave her the family name "Ece", which means "queen" in Turkish language.

 - Wesley E. Brown (104) - judge. Died on January 23, 2012. American jurist, federal judge for the District Court for Kansas (since 1962). U.S. District Court judge who, as of his death, was both the longest serving federal judge and the oldest federal judge still hearing cases. In August 2011, he passed Joseph William Woodrough in age, becoming the oldest person to serve as a federal judge in the history of the United States. On March 8, 1962, President John F. Kennedy nominated Brown to a seat on the Federal District Court for Kansas vacated by Delmas C. Hill. Brown was confirmed by the United States Senate on April 2, 1962, and received his commission two days later. He served as chief judge from 1971 to 1977, and assumed senior status on September 1, 1979, and continued to hear cases until his death. Brown died the evening of January 23, 2012 in the assisted living facility where he had lived for the past few years.

 - John Levy (99) - bassist. Died on January 20, 2012. African-American jazz double-bassist and businessman. Levy was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1944, he left his family home in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to New York City, New York, where he played bass for such renowned jazz musicians as Ben Webster, Errol Garner, Milt Jackson, and Billie Holiday. In 1949, he became the bassist in the original George Shearing Quintet, where he also acted as Shearing's road manager. In 1951, Levy opened John Levy Enterprises, Inc., becoming the first African-American personal manager in the pop or jazz music field. By the 1960s, Levy's client roster included Shearing, Nancy Wilson, Cannonball Adderley, Joe Williams, Shirley Horn, and Ramsey Lewis. In 1997, Levy was inducted into the International Jazz Hall of Fame, and in 2006 he was named a Jazz Master by the National Endowment for the Arts. He died, aged 99, in Altadena, California.

 - Larry Butler (69) - producer. Died on January 20, 2012. American country music producer/songwriter. From the mid-1970s through the 1980s, he worked with Kenny Rogers. Many of his albums with Rogers went either gold or platinum and accumulated many millions of sales around the world. These albums include Kenny Rogers (1976), The Gambler (1978), Gideon (1980) and I Prefer The Moonlight (1987). Rogers and Butler maintained a friendship outside of show business. Butler also produced Rogers' 1993 album If Only My Heart Had A Voice. He also participated in Rogers 2006 retrospective DVD The Journey. Butler is the only Nashville producer to win the Grammy Award for Producer of the year.

 - Etta James (73) - singer. Died on January 20, 2012. American blues singer. Her style spanned a variety of music genres including blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, soul, gospel and jazz. Starting her career in the mid-1950s, she gained fame with hits such as "Dance With Me, Henry", "At Last", "Tell Mama", and "I'd Rather Go Blind" for which she wrote the lyrics. She faced a number of personal problems, including drug addiction, before making a musical resurgence in the late 1980s with the album The Seven Year Itch. James is regarded as having bridged the gap between rhythm and blues and rock and roll, and is the winner of six Grammys and 17 Blues Music Awards. She was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, the Blues Hall of Fame in 2001, and the Grammy Hall of Fame in both 1999 and 2008. Rolling Stone ranked James number 22 on their list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time and number 62 on the list of the 100 Greatest Artists.

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July 2009

 - Alexander Tuz (Александр Туз, 38) - Captain 2 rank. Died August 3, 2009. Russian Chief of Staff, 36 Brigades Baltic Fleet missile boats, the captain 2 rank.
      He died from the effects of battering GIBBD auto-inspectors at the main hospital on the Baltic Fleet in Kaliningrad, lay in a coma a year, does not come into consciousness. About a year ago, Captain 2 rank was injured in the conflict with the staff of traffic police in Baltiysk. Staff GIBDD said then that was stopped at three in the morning the car, but the naval officer, being drunk behind the wheel, initially tried to escape from the car, and then literally «set on» to sailors. But the captain refused to subordinate to reject auto-inspectors. Those, in turn, roll a rowdy and handed him over to the command part. According to some sources, the leadership of both departments initially agreed to smother brawl. But the next morning, Tuz (=Ace) felt a malaise. At first he was taken to a naval hospital BaltFlot, but the health officer has continued to deteriorate sharply. Despite this, the next day Tuz out to sea, where he became the bad. On arrival at base, he was immediately hospitalized, but alas, it was already too late - as a result of the spleen in the abdominal cavity got 2.5 liters of blood. Do officers have 2 sons.

 - Yuri Kaplan (Юрий Каплан, 72) - Poet. Killed July 12, 2009. Ukrainian poet of the sixties, who is known primarily as the author of the poem "Babi Yar", which came under the supervision of the KGB. In 1990 he became president of the publishing company "Reef." Later was elected vice-president of the Ukrainian Writers' Association of Arts and social literature, was the winner of many national and international literary prizes. In recent times, worked on the third edition of the anthology "Ukraine. Russian poetry. XX Century". He is the author of poems «scalding wind», «General book», «Rough butt millennium», «April snow», «Paul gravity». He also published a children's poems: «Telnyashechka», «Ankiny toys», «Kitten Schulz». (born May 28, 1937 in Korosten Zhitomir region).
      Killed in the Dnipro district of Kyiv in his own apartment for the purpose of robbery under the guise of jealousy.

 - Martha Tsifrinovich (84) - actress. She died July 15, 2009. People's Artist of Russia, the world-acknowledged master of Puppet Art Theater, the oldest actress Puppet Theater named Sergei Obraztsov. Their first performance it delivered as early as 1946, but before the most recent days it has not tired to work on the genre in an effort to keep pace with the times. Just to say that one of her recent performances «Tomorrow begins yesterday» used computer graphics and electronic music. Her puppet concert tour polmira program, created by the character, «Candidate okolovsyacheskih Science» Venus M. Pustomelskaya serving with a variety of lectures «One Day», so loved the audience that has moved from stage to screen. (Martha V. Tsifrinovich. July 19, 1924. Daughter of repressed parents).
      She died in Moscow.

 - Natalia Estemirova (50). Killed July 15, 2009. Russian human rights activist in Chechnya and Ingushetia. She was an activist and board member of the Russian human rights organisation Memorial. Estemirova received the Right Livelihood Award at a ceremony in the Swedish parliament building in 2004. In 2005 she and Sergei Kovalyov, chairman of Memorial, were awarded the Robert Schuman Medal by the Group of the European People's Party.
      Estemirova was abducted on 15 July 2009 from her home in Grozny, Chechnya and her body was found the same day in Ingushetia with bullet wounds in the head and chest.

 - Nikolay Maksimov (55) - actor. Killed July 14, 2009. Director of the Ivanovo Oblast Drama theater, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, for many years on the stage of the game combined with the work of director of the theater (where he worked from 1973), was chairman of the Union of theatrical figures of the Ivanovo region. (Nikolai Semenovich Maksimov, rod.1953).
      The door to his apartment was open, and the body Maksimova with multiple knife wounds found the driver about 20 hours. A preliminary version of the investigation - the murder on the grounds of domestic conflict. This is the second in this year's murder of theatrical figure in central Russia. 8 March in Nizhny Novgorod at the hands of criminals who had expected to find in the apartment of a large sum of money, tragically killed, along with the daughter of actor, director of the local houses, the chairman of the Regional Union of theatrical figures of the Nizhny Novgorod region Galina Sorokina. Biography

 - Levon Davidiyan - politician. Died July 15, 2009. The head of the Association of the Armenian community in Tehran, former member of the Iranian Parliament (ex-deputy of the Majlis of the Islamic Republic).
      Killed during the crash of TU-154 in the north of Iran, 200 km from the Iranian capital. Flying from Tehran to Yerevan Tu-154 caught fire in the air during a call in the emergency landing. This happened after 16 minutes after the departure of Imam Khomeini International Airport. Killed all 168 people (nationals of Iran, Armenia and Georgia). On board the TU-154 Iranian Airlines Caspian Airlines, was the country's junior team in judo. Athletes were sent to Armenia at the charges.

 - Marina Feodorovna Shalyapin-Freddy (97) - daughter. She died July 14, 2009. The last of the children of the great Russian bass Feodor Chaliapin (Shalyapin). Designer, an officer in the Navy of Italy, "Miss Russia" in 1931 and the widow of the Minister of Culture of Italy Luigi Freddy - has lived in Rome. Family Shalyapin left Russia over the border in 1922. In 1931 in Paris, she was declared "Miss Russia" among emigrants strong jury, which included Alexander Kuprin, Konstantin Korovin, Alexander Benois, Sergey Lifar. Fyodor Chaliapin died in Paris in 1938. In Shalyapin visited Russia repeatedly, including, she attended the reburial of the ashes of his father in 1984 at the Novodevichy cemetery (previously at Batinol Paris). Marina Shalyapin for his long life to try yourself in many areas. In Russia to emigrate, she began working on the ballet in Paris fond design and architecture, then worked as officer in the Navy of Italy. She was responsible for leisure passengers and the entertainment of children. (Marina Feodorovna Shalyapin, 1912).
      She died in Rome. Funeral 15 July at the Roman cemetery Laurentino.

 - Zbigniew Zapasiewicz (74) - actor. Died July 14, 2009. Polish theatre and film actor, theatre director and pedagogue, one of the most prominent post-war Polish actor. 2005- Persona non grata; 2000- Zycie jako smiertelna choroba przenoszona droga plciowa; 1984- Rok spokojnego slonca; 1974- Ziemia obiecana), (13 September 1934). Zapasiewicz died in Warsaw.

 - Alexey Emel'yanov (74) - academician. Died July 11, 2009. Prominent Russian scientist-economist (agricultural economic) and social activist, professor, academician VASHNIL (1988). Honored Worker of Science (1995). In the 1971-1993 - Head of Department of Agricultural Economics MSU. Lomonosov Moscow State Prize Laureate (1985). Scientific works belong to the reformist direction of the Russian agro-economic thought, who not only substantiated the need for market reforms in the country and the Russian village, but have done much to implement them. In 1989, Emel'yanov made 55 thousandth team of Moscow State University candidate for People's Deputies of USSR for the first election in Moscow and win the election. In 1989-1991 - the people's deputy of the USSR, a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, was the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Agricultural and Food Policy, part of the Inter-regional Parliamentary Group and a group of agro-deputies. At the founding congress of the Association of peasant (individual) farms and agricultural cooperatives in 1989, AM Emel'yanov elected its first president. He was a member of the Presidential Council (1991-2000), the State Duma of Russia (1993-1996). President-Rector of the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of Russia (1994-2000), and from 2000 until the last days of life - Professor of Finance and Industrial Economics Academy. (Емельянов Алексей Михайлович, 15.02.1935 in the village of Smolensk region).
      He died after a serious, long-term illness.

 - Pavel Smeyan (Павел Смеян, 52) - singer. Died July 12, 2009. Russian composer and singer, actor of Theater «Lenkom». Since 1980, participated in the group «Rock atelier» with «Lenkom». Since 1981, played a major role in rock-opera «Juno and Avos» Theater «Lenkom». As recognized himself laughing, he believes it is the most important event in their lives. In «Lenkom» worked until 2007, playing in productions «Til», «The Star and Death of Joaquin Muretty» and others. Express the role and sang songs in feature films and cartoons. Laughed created music for nearly 20 films, took part in the rock opera «The Star and Death of Joaquin Muretty,» «Juno and Avos», «Giordano». His voice, for example, sing a song Lembit Ulfsak "bad weather" in the film «Mary Poppins, Goodbye!» and Regimantas Adomaytis in the film «The Trust, which burst». In 1987 he participated in recording a clip for the song «closing circle». The voice laughed sounds also in computer games: «Medi Evil 2» and «C-12», «Steel boys», «Empire Earth». (Павел Евгеньевич Смеян, April 23, 1957, Moscow).
      He died of cancer at a clinic in Germany. Last diagnosis made in March 2009 (Paul himself thought that he had pancreatitis), chemotherapy did in Moscow, but were unsuccessful. Friends collected money (50 thousand euros) and sent Paul to Germany in Dusseldorf, where he cut out the tumor on May 26. But it was too late. He left his wife Lyudmila and small son. Official site

 - Simon Karlinsky (Саймон Карлинский, 84) - literary critic. Died July 5, 2009. An outstanding scholar-slavist, philologist and literary critic and researcher of history of Russian drama. 30 years he taught as a Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of California at Berkeley. Karlinsky was the author of the first biography of Marina Tsvetaeva, after the death of Vladimir Nabokov's prepared to print his famous correspondence with the literary critic Edmund Wilson, «but his best work - notes on the site «RL» writer and translator Dmitri Volchek - he thought a monograph on pre-Pushkin's drama» ("Russian Drama from Its Beginnings to the Age of Pushkin". University of California Press, 1985). In addition, as an open homosexual and the fighter with homophobia, Karlinsky has made a tremendous contribution to the study of homosexual issues in the Russian literature («Out of the Blue: Russia's Hidden Gay Literature», «The Sexual Labyrinth of Nikolai Gogol», 1992, etc.). «Hard to imagine modern science without his innovative studies of early Russian theater, Gogol, Chekhov, Tchaikovsky, Diaghilev, Stravinsky, Nabokov, Tsvetaeva, Russian artistic emigration as a whole», - says the official notification of the death of Karlinsky at the University of California. (Semen Arkadievich Karlinsky was born in 1924 in Harbin, boys went to America).
      He died at his home in California.

 - Daniel Jimeno Romero (27) - Spaniard. Died July 10, 2009. Spanish citizen (Daniel Jimeno Romero, originally from town Alcala de Henares, outside Madrid), participant of the annual festival of San Fermin in Pamplona (Navarre, Spain), a glassmaker who loves soccer and snowboarding. He was on vacation with his parents and girlfriend.
      Killed during a traditional bull run of the bulls (the annual festival Sanfermin 2009) in the Spanish city of Pamplona. Horn of a bull pierced man lung. The animal is called Cappuccino, and it weighs 515 kilograms. Before the assassination of Cappuccino run away from the main group of bulls, with angry stronger than usual. To save the injured man was unable to. He died in Pamplona's Hospital de Navarra. His parents and girlfriend identified him.
      The running of the bulls — made famous by Ernest Hemingway's novel "The Sun Also Rises" — has never been suspended just because someone has died in the mad, half mile (850-meter) dash from a holding pen to the city's bull ring. 1
      This is the 15 th with 1911 deaths during the races bulls at San Fermin. The last death at the festival was recorded in 1995. Then the bull killed a 22-year-old American, Matthew Peter Tassio. And in 2003, the bulls at San Fermin was seriously wounded 63-year-old Spaniard Fermin Etxeberri. He died, after several months in a coma. Injuries Visits San Fermin get very often. For example, in 2008 because of clashes with the bulls in Pamplona were dozens of people. During the first days of the festival this year, the bulls injured nine people: three horns to pierce, and six hurt. On the abolition of bull run June 11-14, has not yet been reported, so it is likely that the number of victims still grow. Photo Video Youtube

 - Nikolay Parkhomenko (74) - Coach. Died July 10th, 2009. President of the Federation of Weightlifting Russia (FTAR), director of the Center for the sports teams of Russia. Master of Sports USSR Greco-Roman wrestling (1956). Two-time winner of the USSR among the boys and two-time champion of the USSR in the Greco-Roman wrestling. At the Olympic Games 1956 and 1960 were alternates in their weight category. Honored trainer of the USSR (1972). Coach of the Soviet Union in Greco-Roman wrestling at the Olympic Games in 1972, participated in the preparation of the Olympic champion Chamil Hisamutdinova. Judge of the international category (1974). Doctor of pedagogical sciences. He worked in management positions in Goskomsporte the USSR and Russia, including deputy and first deputy chairman of Goskomsporta RF. For many years, was vice president and executive committee member of the International Weightlifting Federation. Member of the Executive Committee of Olympic Committee of Russia. (born February 4th, 1935).
      He died after severe and prolonged illness.

 - Magomed Gadaborshev - Colonel. Died July 9, 2009. Chief expert forensic department of MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) of Ingushetia, Colonel, criminalist.
      Attack on police was the morning of July 7 in Nazran. His car VAZ-2107 was shot on the streets of Moscow in front of the shopping center opposite the shopping center "21". The colonel was wounded in the head and admitted to the hospital in very serious condition. He passed away not coming to mind this morning in the city of Nazran hospital.

 - Ralph Waldo McBurney (106) - beekeeper. Died July 8th, 2009. American beekeeper, oldest worker in the United States, usually known as Waldo, was said to be the oldest worker in the United States. Until a relatively short time before his death at age 106, he lived and worked as a beekeeper in the city of Quinter, Kansas. Although he was born in Quinter and had lived in the Quinter area for many years, he had also lived near the Kansas cities of Sterling and Beloit. (Ralph Waldo McBurney; October 3, 1902).
      He died of kidney failure at a hospital in Florida.

 - John McDonald (47) - Rock singer. Died July 8th, 2009. American rock musician, former vocalist of progressive metal band Crimson Glory (aka Midnight). McDonald was involved in recording the first three albums Crimson Glory - 1986-the same year of release, «Transcendence» (1988) and «Strange and Beautiful» (1991), then left the group and was replaced by David Van Lendingom. In the 2005-year Crimson Glory have made an attempt to reunite the original members, will not succeed. The last year of life Midnight working on solo album «All Souls Midnight», which would have to sign a number of new songs and some old overdubbed tracks.
      He died of kidney failure at a hospital in Florida.

 - the most absurd death - Vincent Smith (29) - confectioner. He died in Tchane hot chocolate.

 - Artem Kutsevalov (Артем Куцевалов, 30) - Director. Killed July 6, 2009. Director of oil company "Arsenal" (Perm), was the owner of the network 16 fuel stations in the Kama, which is called "Perm's King of petrol."
      Killed in Perm in the airport area Baharevka. The suspect 36-year-old man plunged the body Kutsevalova in his car, Toyota Camry and drove toward Moscow. On the territory of the Kirov region dropped from the body of the road shoulder and went in the direction of the Kostroma region. At 20 km from Kostroma suspect set fire to the car and fled. However, later was arrested. Images

 - Dmitry Tchudakov (Дмитрий Чудаков, 35) - Lieutenant Colonel. Killed July 8th, 2009. Lieutenant Colonel, one of the leaders of the Nizhny Novgorod SOBR (special rapid response squad), who has traveled on business trips to the North Caucasus, where he took part in counterterrorism operations.
      He died with his family in his car, shot by unknown from the smooth-bore hunting rifle in the Rostov region, where he was on vacation and stopped for the night. In the car, were also the bodies of his wife and two young children had been killed (a son and daughter). At the federal highway M-4, near the village of Rassvet Rostov region at 7:30 Moscow time, was found battle-car «VAZ-21150», in which the body of the deceased family of 4 persons. The dead car driver born in 1974, his wife in 1976 and two children born 1998 and 2002 were born residents of Nizhny Novgorod Region.

June 2009

 - Michael Jackson (50) - singer. Died June 25, 2009. American pop singer, described as the King of Pop-modernity (King of Pop), Earth's alien, which remarkably agree with the devil angel. July 13 was to begin a series of five concerts in London, Jackson. Tickets for the concerts have been bought on the internet for a few hours. Recently, the London musician rehearsed speech at his home in Los Angeles. Another sedation drugs before a fall brought. His icon of show business and is driven, not producing an equivalent replacement, is not it?
      With its darkly-record career for 40 years, many put it into some of the giants of E. Presley, F.Sinatra, and B. Dylan. He sang the duet with the great P. McCartney, D. Rozz and F. Mercury. It is almost impossible to set a high standard in pop music at all levels: as a musician (slim funk combined with R & B album Thriller and Off the Wall), as a dancer (the "Moon walk" Moonwalk is one of the contemporaries to imitate elements of dance) as an icon of fashion (gloves embroidered with sequins and costumes), as videos director (revolutionary in its time video "Beat It" and "Thriller") and how the record sells its disc (about the "Thriller" 1982, see below). It clips felt honored removed S. Spielberg, W. Goldberg, E. Murphy, M. Jordan.
      59 of his photos from the magazine Rolling Stone and 7 times on the cover of RS
      Michael Jackson began to speak on the stage with his older brothers (Jackie, Marlon, Tito, Jermaine) in the composition of the team "The Jackson 5" more than 40 years ago. In 1971 he produced the first solo record "Got to Be There", and in 1972-m his first single "Ben" won the first line in the American charts. The first solo album Michael Jackson released in 1975. His most successful album was the "Thriller", which was released in 1982. Since then, it sold 26 million copies of records in the United States and nearly 65 million worldwide. In 2009, television viewers chose the MTV "Thriller" "The greatest album in history." «Thriller» led the Billboard 200 for incredible 9 months (37 weeks) and do not leave this chart for more than two years (122 weeks). For this album Jackson has received 8 awards «Grammy» and seven American Music Awards. As Jackson has 19 awards «Grammy»; 13 times, he was raised by his single first line of American sales charts. His name is recorded twice in the Hall of Fame rock n 'roll - as a solo artist and the Jackson 5 party. Double-spoke in Russia: in 1993 at the BSA in the "Luzhniki", and in 1996 at Moscow stadium "Dynamo". (Michael Joseph Jackson, born. 29 Aug., 1958 in the city of Gary Indiana. He was the seventh of ten children).
      He died of a heart attack June 25, 2009 at the University of California Hospital in Los Angeles. Earlier in the day Thursday, the singer taking anesthetic drug demerol (pethidine, meperidin), felt ill at his home in Holmbi Hills - fashionable quarter of Los Angeles in an affluent area of Westwood (directly adjacent to the city of millionaires Beverly Hills) and around noon local time (23:00 Moscow) at the Jackson stopped heart. Him in a coma to a hospital UCLA Medical Center, but doctors managed to save him.
      He left three children (Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., 1997 and Paris Katherine Jackson, 1998 from the 1996-99 marriage to nurse Deborah Jeanne Rowe; and Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II (a / k / a "Blanket", 2002 ) of surogatnoy mother of 1994-96 marriage to Lisa Marie Presley had no children). The U.S. Congress paid tribute to Michael Jackson's moment of silence. Children left, but the successor to the scene of the King no.

                                Farewell Michael, we'll listen to you and to hear. Vladislav Krasilnikov,,, Pictures of his son and daughter

 - Vyacheslav Alyab'ev (75) - football player. Died June 11, 2009. Legendary defender of Shakhtar (Donetsk), won the USSR Cup in 1961 and 1962, twice, on the basis of the season was added to the list of the 33 best football players of the USSR. Master of Sports since 1961. After completion of the player career worked as a trainer in a sports school. (Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Alyab'ev, born. 5 Feb., 1934). He died after a long and severe illness. Heavy Old Age

 - Viktor Sviridov (59) - Hero of Russia. Died 10.06.2009. Hero of Russia (2008), Chairman (since 1983) of agricultural production cooperatives (CAS) named Voroshilov Trunovskogo region of Stavropol Krai (a large Agrocomplex, as previously kolkhozes Voroshilova name), who risked their lives in August 2008 saved the economy from a fire and became the first in Hero Russia of AgroChairman of receiving an award from the hands of Dmitry Medvedev. Victor received awards and honors all presidents. From Mikhail Gorbachev - the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, from Boris Yeltsin - Medal of Honor, from Vladimir Putin - Honored worker of agriculture. (Victor I. Sviridov, born September 3, 1949 in the village of Novo-Romanovsky Arzgirskogo area Stavropol Territory).
      He died the evening at his home in the village of Don from extensive infarction.

 - Huey Long (105) - American singer. 10.06.2009.

 - Michel Nguyen Khac Ngu (100) - Bishop. 10.06.2009. Vietnamese Roman Catholic Bishop of Long Xuyen (2.02.1909, Van Don, Vietnam).

 - Alexander Kvasnikov (52) - General. 8.06.2009.
Lieutenant-General of space forces

 - Oleg Zaikin (45) - Colonel. Killed 8 Jun., 2009. Head of apartment maintenance of Tverskoi garnison Moscow Military District, Colonel. (Oleg Zaikin).
      Killed along with his wife in the Tver region. On Monday, about two hours of the day in the village of Kalinin Prudische area in its own house found two related bodies of 45-year-old colonel and his 29-year-old wife Catherine Lebedeva. They were both tied up in their lifetimes. They died from multiple stab wounds. Father of a young woman and her brother, hospitalized with knife wounds.
      On the day of the killing, on 8 June, was at home with his family on vacation for the preventive treatment. According to witnesses, the car arrived to the house and jumped out of her father, according to some orderly one urban hospitals in Tver, and the brother of Catherine Lebedeva. They ran into the house. After several minutes of the cottage seemed wounded in the blood, the father. He shouted that we should urgently call the police, because all were killed. A couple was killed by small synishka - June 8, he just turned 11 months. Now the child is at the neighbors.

 - Aza Gazgireeva (53) - judge. Killed 10.06.2009. Russian jurist, senior judge in Ingushetia, shot. Vice-President of the Supreme Court of Ingushetia (in 2008). Honored Lawyer Ingushetia (2004). She has been investigating the case of a gang attack, Shamil Basayev in Ingushetia during the summer of 2004. It has recently abolished the verdict in the case of drug trafficking. (Gazgireeva Aza Adlopovna).
      Killed in Nasyri-Kortskom Nazran municipal district. The morning of June 10, unknown fired Gazelle, which Gazgireeva was going to work. В апреле 2008 года в Ингушетии был убит Хасан Яндиев, другой заместитель председателя Верховного суда республики. 24 февраля 2009 был убит старший помощник прокурора Ингушетии Ахмед Торшхоев.

 - Vitaly Zidko (52) - head. Умер 9 июня 2009. Deputy head of industrial and fuel-energy complex - Head of the Industrial Complex of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus (from 2006). From 1994 till 2006 worked at the concern «Belneftekhim», which was promoted from specialist to chief deputy chairman of the group.

 - Zvonimir Berkovich (80) - director. Умер 9 июня 2009. Yugoslav film director and screenwriter, a classic of Croatian cinema, the author became popular in the USSR in the mid 1980's movie "Love Letters from subtext from Irina Alferova in the title role. His documentary film "My Apartment" won the main prize at Cannes Film Festival in 1962 in the appropriate category. In recent years Berkovich has taught, worked with a number of publications, he wrote a book to a presentation which did not live one day. (born on August 1, 1928 in Belgrade, with 15 years of living in Croatia). He died on Tuesday in Zagreb. In recent years, Berkovich seriously ill.

 - Sargis Aroyan (18) - footballer. 8.06.2009.
Armenian footballer, threw from the bridge

 - Valentin Biblik (82) - Hero. 6.06.2009. Hero of Socialist Labor, academician of Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, Distinguished Engineer of Ukraine, honorary citizen of the city of Kharkov. Almost 27 years Valentin led the Kharkiv Tractor Factory. (Valentin Biblik was born on 22.06.1926 in the town of Yenakievo Donetsk region).

 - Vladimir Pavlov (76) - veteran. He died in June 2009. Former director of the Ural Institute Teploelectroproekt and best friend and fellow Ural Polytechnic Institute on the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. He died after a serious illness.

 - Yakov Orlov (82) - Hero. 7.06.2009. Hero of the Soviet Union (1945), the commanding 11-point second separate intelligence Aviation Regiment 3rd air force 1 st Baltic Front, a senior lieutenant. Undertook 185 sorties in the exploration and aerial photography of military installations in the rear of the enemy. Since 1957, Major General Orlov - in stock. He worked as an engineer at the plant «Electropribor» in Tambov. (Orlov Jacob N. genus. 25 November, 1917 in the village Nesterovka now Karasukskogo district of Novosibirsk region). He died after a serious illness in Tambov. Biography

 - Habibula Yakin (85) - Hero. He died in June 2009. Full Order of Glory (1944, 1945, 1945). Veteran of World War II, commander of the calculation of machine-gun 315-th Guards Mining and Rifles, Guards lance-corporal. After the war, taught Russian language and literature. (Yakin Habibullah Hayrullovich, genus. September 25, 1923 Mullashi village in the Tyumen region, Tyumen region). He died in June 2009 in Tyumen. He was the last knight of the Order of the full glory, zhivschim in the Tyumen region.

 - James Calvert (88) - veteran. He died in June 2009. The commander of the nuclear US-submarine, first emerged pop-up at the North Pole, Vice-Admiral retired. Admiral described his expedition of 1959 in the book "come to the Pole", published in 1960. Demonstrated heroism during the fighting against Japan with the United States 1942 to 1945. To serve as the chief (superintendatnom) Naval Academy at Annapolis (1968-1972) and commanded the first U.S. fleet in the Pacific Ocean. Died in Bryn Maur, Pennsylvania.

 - Haris Usupov (79) - coach. Died June 7, 2009. Honored trainer of the USSR and Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Physical Education, Master of Sports USSR Sambo, Freestyle, and the classical (Greco-Roman) wrestling, the holder of the seventh an anti judo, karate. Over 17 years (from 1969 to 1988) was the coach of national teams of the USSR judo and other combat. Jusupov brought the world champion, 14 champions of Europe, more than 150 masters of sports, 16 coach of Russia. Since 1973 he worked in the Chelyabinsk Institute of Physical Education (now the Ural State Academy of Physical Culture), where the head of the department of struggle. (Haris Munasipovich Jusupov, genus. 24.08.1929). He died of cancer in the village Roshchino (Chelyabinsk region).

 - Rajeev Motwani (47) - профессор. Умер 5 июня 2009. Американский профессор индусского происхождения, много лет преподавал компьютерные технологии в Стэнфордском университете. Раджив оказал огромное влияние на развитие IT-индустрии: именно благодаря его помощи и поддержке молодые Сергей Брин и Ларри Пейдж смогли создать свой поисковик Google и впоследствии стать одними из самых влиятельных людей в сфере информационных технологий. В 1988 стал доктором философии в знаменитом Калифорнийском университете в Беркли. Преподавая в Стэнфордском университете, Раджив основал проект Mining Data at Stanford (MIDAS). В 2001 году он стал лауреатом премии Геделя — за работу над теоремой PCP и ее приложениями. «Какую бы технологию вы сегодня ни использовали, в ней наверняка есть частичка Раджива Мотвани», — пишет Сергей Брин. (род.26.03.1962, в г. Джамму в штате Джамму и Кашмир Индии, вырос в Нью-Дели, Индия).
      Умер в Калифорнии: он был найден в бассейне рядом со своим домом в Атертоне. Причины смерти до сих пор неизвестны (утонул, т.к. не умел плавать?).

 - Albert Bakaev (45) - coach. Died June 5, 2009. Holder of seven Paralympic medals in swimming, vice-president of Paralympic Committee of Russia, an honorary citizen of Chelyabinsk, World and European Champion in swimming for people with disabilities. In 2008, he participated in the fifth to account Paralimpiade in Beijing. (born January 9, 1964). His heart stopped during a fishing Etkulskom area in the Chelyabinsk region.

 - Stanislav Dubrovsky (29) - athlete. Died June 4th, 2009. Russian yachtsman who in youth has been a famous athlete - in 1994 he participated in the Winter Olympics in Norway. (resident of the city of Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region).
      He died in Panama from the venom poisoning unknown. Together with him died his companion 33-year-old Elena Chervovaya known cellist from Kiev. They carried round trip to the rental of the yacht "Advaita" (path: Montenegro, Brazil). April 27, 2009 the Russians arrived in Panama, and June 4, they found dead near the entrance to the Panama Canal. Shortly thereafter, the Russian consul in Panama, George Pauline reported that the death of the Russians was not violent and was the result of internal bleeding. The morning of the day, Elena Chervovaya found the body of Stanislav Dubrovsky. She also felt ill and asked for help to the neighbors who helped her get to shore and put in the ambulance. " But on the way to the hospital Rossiyanka died. Type of poison, privedshky to the death of the Russians, yet been unable to identify.

 - Omar Bongo (73) - президент. Умер 8 июня 2009. Африканский политик, Президент Габона (1967–2009), который был самым долгодействующим правителем в мире (президентом, за исключением монархов) после отставки Фиделя Кастро на Кубе в 2008. В 1967, в возрасте 32 лет, являлся самым молодым президентом в мире на тот момент. Был женат на 45-летней дочери Президента соседнего Конго (она недавно умерла, в марте 2009), а его собственная 53-летняя дочь была министром иностранных дел Габона, а сын является министром обороны с 1999. (El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba род. 30.12.1935). Умер от рака кишечника в одной из клиник Барселоны в Испании.

 - Doku Umarov - боевик. Killed 5.06.2009.. Чеченский полевой командир боевиков, так называемый "президент Ичкерии", которым он стал после ликвидации Аслана Масхадова, уничтоженного в 2005 году. В 2007 году Умаров провозгласил себя лидером всех мусульман Кавказа и считает себя эмиром "Кавказского эмирата". Участвовал во многих терактах, в т.ч. во взрывах электрички в Кисловодске в сентябре 2003 года и захвате школы в Беслане в сентябрь 2004 года. (Доку Хаматович Умаров родился 13 апреля 1964 года в селе Харсеной Шатойского района Чечено-Ингушской АССР).
      Убит ходе спецоперации на чечено-ингушской границе на Северном Кавказе. Официального подтверждения этого сообщения пока нет.

 - Musost Hutiev - чиновник. Killed 6.06.2009. Помощник первого заместителя председателя правительства Чечни и бывший сепаратист. Мусост Хутиев ранее занимал пост замглавы администрации города Аргун. На эту должность он был назначен после того, как вместе со своим отрядом перешел на сторону федеральных войск. До этого Хутиев командовал Северным фронтом войск Аслана Масхадова.
      Убит в Аргуне. Застрелен на территории торговой базы, расположенной на улице Станционная выстрелами из пистолета в голову.

 - Jean Dausset (92) - иммунолог. Умер 6 июня 2009. Французский иммунолог, лауреат Нобелевской премии по физиологии и медицине 1980 года за открытие главного комплекса гистосовместимости, группы генов, отвечающих за распознавание чужеродных веществ и развитие иммунного ответа. Разделил премию с Барухом Бенасеррафом и Джорджем Снеллом. (род. 19 октября 1916, Тулуза, Франция). Скончался 6 июня 2009 года в Пальма-де-Мальорка (Испания), где он жил в течение последних двух лет.

 - Albert Klyavusov - manager. Killed 5.06.2009. Deputy General Director of JSC "Vorkutaugol" (Russia's largest coal mining company) and director of economic security. Died on hunting on the tundra, where the accident was on the line of fire. on hunting

 - Bernard Barker (92) - агент. Умер 5 июня 2009. Бывший агент ЦРУ и бывший член секретной полиции Кубинского диктатора Батисты, известный как один из "уотергейтских взломщиков", проникновение которого и его сообщников в штаб демократов в отеле "Уотергейт" в 1972 году привело к крупнейшему в истории страны политическому скандалу. В конечном итоге президенту Никсону в 1974 году пришлось уйти в отставку. Вместе с другими кубинскими эмигрантами Баркер в 1961 году принял участие в неудавшемся вторжении на Кубу. (Bernard Leon Barker род. 17.03.1917 ). Умер в пригороде Майами в госпитале (Veteran's Administration Medical Center). Причиной смерти стали осложнения рака легких, кроме того, у Баркера было больное сердце.

 - Eugeny Litvinov - Professor. Died June 5, 2009. Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, the husband of the famous Moldavian singer Nadezhda Chepraga with which they have lived together for more than 30 years. (Eugene A. Litvinov). He died in Kishinev. In recent years, seriously ill, he moved operations to the heart and lungs.

 - Boris Pokrovsky (97) - director. Died June 5, 2009. A prominent Soviet and Russian directors, chief director of the Bolshoi Theater in 1952-1963 and 1970-1982 years, the People's Artist of the USSR. In early 1972 founded a chamber music theater, and then returned to the Bolshoi. Recipient of the Lenin Prize (1980), the State Prizes of the USSR (Stalin, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950) and Russia (1995, 2004), Professor. Medal «For merits before Fatherland» I, II and III degree. (Boris Aleksandrovich Pokrovsky was born on 23 January 1912 in Moscow).

 - Faustino Imbali (53) - политик. Killed 5 июня 2009. Бывший премьер-министр Гвинеи-Бисау (2001). (род.1956).
      Убит вместе с кандидатом в Президенты страны Бакиро Дабо и экс-министром обороны Хелдером Проэнса.

 - Adilgerey Magomedtagirov (52) - Minister. Killed 5.06.2009. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Dagestan (1998), Lieutenant-General of militia. (Adilgerey Magomedovich Magomedtagirov rod. 1 Nov, 1956, gonad, Gunibsky District, Dagestan ASSR).
      Killed in Makhachkala near the banquet hall "Marrakesh" (at a wedding the daughter of colleagues) on the streets of Sultan Ahmet Khan about an hour of the day. The shooting was carried out from a nearby 9-etazhki. The bullet hit the heart area, the Minister was hospitalized in critical condition and died of his wounds on the operating table.

 - David Carradine (72) - actor. 4.06.2009.
American actor (Kung Fu, Kill Bill), hanging.

 - Shitsuko Araki (111) - Japanese supercentenarian. 4.06.2009.

 - Jan Sagadeev (42) - rock musician. Died June 4, 2009.
One of the founders of heavy metal in Russia. The leader of a rock group « Электро Convulsive Therapy » (E.S.T.), playing styles хэви-метал, a trash - метал, спид-метал. Songs of 1-st album « Russian Vodka » (« 10 cheerful years », « Батько, regret horses », "Сука" …) which продюсировал the best for that time the fate - guitarist and singer Valery Gaina ("Cruise"), till now remain tops of a genre, and sing crowds of fans of their mansion at concerts. The group has turned to « monsters of rock of the USSR » 1987-1991-O. In 1991 participated in the main world(global) fate - festival and the largest concert in a history of Russia « Monsters of Rock » on which E.S.T. played before an audience of 800 thousand person together with AC/DC, Metallica, Pantera. (was born on July, 8, 1967).
      Was lost in Moscow, where найдент dead in the apartment in the street Ремезова in a southwest of capital (обнаужила the wife of the musician). Presumably suicide it (was hung up).

 - Koko Taylor (80) - певица. Умерла 3 июня 2009. Легендарная американская певица, прозванная за уникальный голос Королевой блюза. Певица появлялась на сцене во время чествования президентов США, при инаугурации Джорджа Буша и дважды при инаугурации Билла Клинтона. Лауреат многих наград, в т.ч. в 1985 году Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album. Прозвище Коко певица и легенда получила за свою любовь к шоколаду. (Cora Walton, род., Shelby County, Tennessee). Умерла после долгой болезни в госпитале Чикаго. Причиной смерти певицы стали осложнения после перенесенной 19 мая хирургической операции (желудочно-кишечного кровотечения).

 - Leo Brovarsky (60) - футболист. Умер 3 июня 2009. Бывший тренер и капитан «Карпат», признанный лучшим футболистом в истории львовского футбола (является рекордсменом «Карпат» по количеству проведенных матчей - 412). Мастер спорта СССР (с 1969 года). Заслуженный тренер Украины (с 2001). В 20-летнем возрасте он стал обладателем Кубка СССР-1969, а годом спустя, после выхода львовской команды в высшую лигу, дебютировал и в сборной СССР. На рубеже 80-х возглавлял юношеские и молодежную сборную Камеруна. В качестве ассистента главного тренера камерунской национальной команды Валерия Непомнящего он стал четвертьфиналистом ЧМ-1990 в Италии. Тренировал клубы «Галичина» и «Карпаты» (1999-2001). Скончался после продолжительной болезни на 61-м году жизни.

 - John Ross (110) - ветеран I Мировой... Умер 3.06.2009.
Не пил, не курил, любил шоколад ...

 - нелепые смерти - пациент - с больным сердцем. Умер от «салфетки в сердце».

 - Issa Tochiev - подполковник. Погиб 3 июня 2009. Начальник отдела собственной безопасности управления Госнаркоконтроля Ингушетии. Погиб в Назрани в результате взрыва его машины. В ней вместе с ним находились жена и двое маленьких детей. Под днище "Жигулей" Точиева было заложено взрывное устройство. Оно сработало примерно в 08.40 мск недалеко от медицинского колледжа Назрани. Точиев от полученных ранений скончался в реанимации.

 - David Carroll Eddings (77) - фантаст. Умер 2 июня 2009. Американский писатель-фантаст в жанре фэнтези. (7 июля 1931 года). Умер в Карсон-Сити.

 - Igor Evpak (46) - officer. Died June 2, 2009. Head of the Administration of the Oktyabrsky district of Primorsky Krai (elected in 2002). Evpaka body with gunshot wounds was found in his car on the side of the river, near the village Porechye. He died from gunshot wounds to the chest (suicide or homicide). Son of an official who was its zamom suspect in the diversion of budgetary funds.

 - Grigory Zinman (57) - актер. Умер 2 июня 2009. Народный артист России (2004) и главный режиссер саратовского ТЮЗа имени Киселева (2007). В 1976 году его зачислили в труппу детского ТЮЗа, где он проработал 27 лет. (Григорий Семенович Цинман род. 30 июля 1951 года в Острове, Псковская область на реке Великой, недалеко от села Михайловское).

 - Neil Warrior (48) - менеджер. Погиб 1 июня 2009. Глава коммуникационного департамента компании Mazda Motor Europe, был в числе пассажиров А330 рейса Air France, трагически закончившегося в Атлантическом океане. Уорриор пришел в Mazda Europe в 2007 году на пост директора по связям с общественностью. Выпускник Лондонской школы экономики, раньше он работал в подразделениях FIAT и Alfa Romeo в Великобритании. Уорриор входит в список 228-ти пассажиров этого рейса, среди которых также Эрик Хайнэ (Eric Heine), член Исполнительного совета металлургической корпорации ThyssenKrupp, и три топ-менеджера компании Michelin.

 - Eduard Ferae - General. Died June 1st, 2009.. Ukrainian colonel-general of militia, who in 1995-2000 served as Chief of Staff Yury Kravchenko, and in 2000-2003 - Adviser to the State affairs. Since the summer of 2003, Fere was in a coma, on the causes of which are not reported. Investigators from the Public Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine have not been able to interrogate him. They believed that Fere was close to the accused in the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze, former head of department of external surveillance MIA Alexei Pukachu. He died in hospital of Ukraine.

 - Noncho Vodenicharov (53) - мэр. Умер 1 июня 2009. Мэр болгарского города Раднево погиб на съемках реалити-шоу "Остаться в живых" на одном из Филиппинских островов в Тихом океане. Причиной смерти 53-летнего главы города стал сердечный приступ. Воденичаров в разные годы жизни был каскадером и певцом, а в последнее время являлся мэром города Раднево на юге Болгарии.

May 2009

 - Sergey Belyakovich (55) - актер. Умер 31 мая 2009. Заслуженный артист РФ (1994). В Театре на Юго-Западе с момента основания (с 1977 года) и вместе с родным братом Заслуженным артистом России Валерием Беляковичем является одним из создателей знаменитого коллектива. (Белякович Сергей Романович род. 7 июля 1953 года).

 - Iosif Fridlyander (95) - Acad. He died May 30, 2009. Russian metalloved, creator of alloys, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (USSR Academy of Sciences, 1984, corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences, 1976), associate Tupolev. From 1937 until the last day worked at the Institute of Aircraft Materials (NIIAM). Laureate of Lenin (1963) and two State Prizes (1949, 1999). The creator of several generations of aluminum alloys. Of the alloys Fridlyandera a Tu-4, which in 1949 dropped the first Soviet atomic bomb, dive-bomber and the Tu-16 strategic Tu-95, all passenger "Tu", until the modern Tu-204 and Tu-334, Military traffic "Antey," giants "Mriya" and "Ruslan", the famous "IGCI, vertical takeoff aircraft Yak-38, Beriev Design Bureau seaplanes. From its alloys made tanks the most powerful rockets in the world «Energy», tanks space truck «Proton», shovels rocket engine turbopump assembly. From his floating by centrifuge, for which there is enrichment of uranium-235. (Iosif Naumovich Fridlyander was born in 1913 in Andijan, Uzbek). He died in Moscow.

 - Vyacheslav Nevinny (74) - actor. He died May 31, 2009. People's Artist of USSR (1986), Honored and People's Artist of the RSFSR. From 1959 - Actor Moscow Arts Theater of Maxim Gorky (1989 - Moscow Arts Theater named after A. Chekhov), he also dropped nearly 70 films, among them - "President" (1964), "Garage" (1979), "Guests from the Future" (1984), "Dead Souls" (1984), "Ruslan and Lyudmila (1972)," trial period "(1960). The actor is known and its involvement in articulating cartoons, including - "Hedgehog in the Fog," "Alice in Wonderland" and "The investigation led kolobki. (Vyacheslav Mikhailovich an innocent family. 30 Nov, 1934 in Tula).
      He died in Moscow in his apartment on Tverskaya Street, building 8. He is a very long time sick, he had a severe form of diabetes. In 2005, actor, gravely operation. In a military hospital named him removed Vishnevsky foot left foot because of gangrene began (on a complication of diabetes). In 2006 due to complications of the disease was the actor and the right leg amputation. 11 22 33

 - George Tiller (68) - гинеколог. Убит 31 мая 2009. Американский врач-гинеколог (из Уичиты, штат Канзас), проводивший аборты, вопреки постоянным акциям протеста у его клиники и даже одному покушению на него. Являлся одним из немногих врачей в США, проводивших аборты. (род.1941).
      Убит во время воскресной проповеди около 10:00 по времени центральных районов США в лютеранской реформистской церкви, расположенной в восточной части города, которую доктор еженедельно посещал (Wichita, Kansas).

 - Andrey Vertogradov (63) - актер. Умер 31 мая 2009. Заслуженный артист РФ (1992). Актер театра и кино, выступавший также как артист эстрадного жанра с песнями и музыкальными пародиями. В 1963-1965 — певец Мосэстрады, с 1969 — актер Театра-студии киноактера. (Андрей Аркадьевич Вертоградов родился 3 апреля 1946, Москва).

 - “Millvina” Dean (97) - ветеран. Умерла 31 мая 2009. Англичанка, последняя из выживших пассажирок «Титаника», который затонул 15 апреля 1912 года. На момент гибели лайнера ей было два с половиной месяца и, соответственно, никаких воспоминаний о трагедии у неё не осталось. Они с матерью (умерла в 1975) и братом (умер в 1992) спаслись, а отец утонул. Миллвина работала картографом, секретарём, а также ассистентом в табачной фирме. (Elizabeth Gladys “Millvina” Dean, род. 2 февраля 1912, Лондон). Умерла в домедля престарелых Эшурст, Хэмпшир.

 - Romuald Vildan (72) - актер. Умер 26 мая 2009. Заслуженный артист РФ. В 1964 году был принят в труппу Театра им. Пушкина. Играл в первых советских сериалах: "День за днем" (1971-1972), "Рожденная революцией" (1974-1977), "Следствие ведут Знатоки" (1989), а также в современных "Зона" (2005), "Дети Арбата" (2004), "Маросейка, 12" (2000). (Вильдан Ромуальд (Роман) Мячиславович род. 4 сентября 1937 года).

 - Olga Konskaya (45) - актриса. Умер 28 мая 2009. Актриса, монтажёр, продюсер. Два года работала в МХАТ имени М. Горького. В последствии организовала русский театр в городе Франкфурт-на-Майне (Германия). Жила в Санкт-Петербурге и Германии. Работала вместе с режиссёром и мужем Андреем Некрасовым. (Конская Ольга Владимировна, Тартаковская, род. 22 апреля 1964 года в Ленинграде).

 - Luis Cabral (78) - политик. Умер 30 мая 2009. Африканский политик, бывший президент Гвинеи-Бисау (1973–1980). Свергнут в ноябре 1980 года в результате военного переворота, с 1984 жил в Португалии. (Luis de Almeida Cabral, род.10.04.1931). Умер в госпитале Торреш-Ведраш, Португалия.

 - Waldemar Matuska (76) - певец. Умер 30 мая 2009. Чешский певец, популярный в 1960-1970-ые годы, пел вместе с Карелом Готом, Хеленой Вондрачковой и др. и в театрах Semafor и Rokoko. Побеждал на музконкурсе "Zlaty Slavik" (1962, 1967). В 1986 эмигрировал в США. (род.2.07.1932, Kosice, Чехословакия). Умер от сердечной недостаточности и пневмонии в США (Saint Petersburg, Florida).

 - Ephraim Katzir (93) - политик. Умер 30 мая 2009. Четвертый президент Израиля (1973-1978) и доктор наук в области биохимии синтеза белков и прикладной биохимии энзимов. С 1977 академик Королевского Общества Великобритании. (Эфраим Кацир, Качальский, родился 16.05.1916 года в Киеве. В возрасте шести лет Качальский вместе со своей семьей переехал в Палестину). Умер в Rehovot, Israel.

 - Vladimir Kisel (62) - тренер. Погиб 30 мая 2009. Заслуженный тренер и ... патриарх криминального мира

 - Gaafar Nimeiry (79) - политик. Умер 30 мая 2009. Бывший президент Судана (1969–1985). Из-за политики насильственной исламизации был свергнут и в 1985 - 1999 проживал в изгнании в Египте. 22 мая 1999 вернулся в Судан. (род.1.1.1930). Умер после тяжелой продолжительной болезни в Хартуме, Судан.

May 2009

 - Oleg Yankovsky (65) - артист. Умер 20 мая 2009. actor. He died May 20, 2009. Extraordinary miracle of Soviet cinema. The great Russian actor and most favorite, chief «magician» Soviet cinema, an aristocrat, played the role of masterpieces, masterpieces, movies. The last man, a People's Artist of USSR (1991, and was the first Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavski in the 30-ies). The son of a repressed white officer (Staff-captain of the Life Guards regiment Semenovskaya Ivan Pavlovich Yankovsky), a person who was neither a passing role.
      «Remembering his role, I can say that in addition to feelings of admiration they evoked in me a sense of envy. So, as he played in many films, such as in flight in a dream, and dreams ", I and many artists in Russia and Hollywood can not and can not play. They simply do not have such a talent »(Oleg Basilashvili). Vladimir Putin believes the death of actor irreparable loss for Russia: «Oleg Jankowski was a true craftsman, extraordinary, richly gifted man, an actor from God».
      In 1973, Jankowski was invited to Moscow's Lenin Komsomol Theater (Lenkom), the film began shot in 1968. The success brought the very first films: "serves two comrades" and TV series "The Shield and the sword." In total he has played in more than a hundred paintings, most famous of which was "captivating star of happiness" (Kondrat Ryleev), "Ordinary Miracle" (The Wizard), "The same Munchhausen" (Munchhausen), "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: The dog Baskerviley "," regicide "and two films by Andrei Tarkovsky (" Mirror "and" Nostalgia "). In 1993, Jankowski was the president of the Open Russian film festival in Sochi, 1997 - Director of the Open Russian film festival "Kinotavr. Oleg Jankowski was the winner of multiple theater awards, was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, fourth (1997), third (2007) and second (2009) degrees. Winner of State Prize of Russian Federation (1996, 2002). Best Actor 1984 (for the film «love of their own accord») for a survey the magazine «The Soviet screen». Winner of USSR State Prize (1987, for participating in the film «Flying in a dream and dreams»). Winner of the All-Union film festival in the nomination «The prizes for the best actor's work» in 1983. Prize «Nika» in nomination «Actor» for the year 1991. Winner of the International Stanislavsky Theater Award for the role of Peter I in the play "Lenkoma" Jester Balakirev "(2001). (Oleg Yankovsky Born on February 23, 1944 in Dzhezkazgane Kazakh SSR, in the family of military personnel. Genus Yankovsky - nobility of Polish descent).
      He died in a Moscow clinic (a long time suffered from cancer of the pancreas). Funeral 22 March 2009 at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow. We are the last hope of ordinary miracle. But all the same as saying it Munchhausen: "Smile, gentlemen!" He left a wife - Honored Artist of Russia Lyudmila Zorina, son - actor and director, Philip (sister - actress Oksana Fandera), and two grandchildren - Vania and Lisa. Filmography

Давайте негромко, давайте в полголоса, (Give quietly, give in half-voices)
Давайте простимся светло. (Let's say goodbye brightly)
Неделя, другая, И мы успокоимся, (Week, another, And we shall calm down)
Что было, то было, прошло. (That was, was, has passed)
Конечно ужасно, нелепо, бессмысленно, (That was, was, has passed)
Ах как бы начало вернуть? (Ah as though began to return?)
Начало вернуть невозможно, немыслимо. (Began to return it is impossible, it is impossible).
Ты даже не думай, забудь... (You do not think at all, overlook...)

...Mironov, Papanov, Evstigneev, Leonov, Smoktunovsky, Ul'yanov...

May 2009

      SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS, mystery writers. EARLIER, writers - visionaries have died
2008 - Томас Диш, Альгис Будрис, Роберт Асприн, Артур КЛАРК,
2007 - Роберт Джордан, Ллойд Александр, Ли Хоффман, 2006 - Станислав ЛЕМ,
2005 - Роберт ШЕКЛИ, Элис НОРТОН, Владимир Савченко,
2002 - Александр КАЗАНЦЕВ, 2001 - Пол Андерсон, Гордон Диксон,
1995 - Роджер ЖЕЛЯЗНЫ, 1992 - Айзек АЗИМОВ,
1991 - Аркадий СТРУГАЦКИЙ, 1990 - Север Гансовский,
1988 - Клиффорд САЙМАК, Роберт ХАЙНЛАЙН.

      BANKERS. Earlier, bankers have been KILLED Дмитрий Ташкин, Олег Жуковский, Ольга Пинигина, Александр Плохин, Андрей Козлов, Константин Мещеряков, Игорь Коптев, Александр Слесарев, Алексей Крюк, Александр Степанов, Игорь Бровков, Андрей Иванов, Владимир Зенков, Тенгиз Кардава, Павел Щербаков, Леонид Давиденко, Сергей Понамарев, Александр Синаев, Сергей Храбров, Сергей Белов, Борис Терпугов, Дмитрий Левченко, Дмитрий Филиппов, Вадим Гетьман, Юрий Репин, Владимир Дмитриев, Станислав Алымов, Андрей Бутенко, Валерий Степанов, Олег Кантор, Журавлев Михаил.

       УКРАИНА. РАНЕЕ, в Украине были убиты
экс-губернатор Львовской области Степан Сенчук, бизнесмен Игорь Кульчицкий, экс-министр МВД Юрий Кравченко, чиновник Валерий Арсенюк, министр транспорта Георгий Кирпа, подполковник МВД Андрей Орехов, журналист Георгий Гонгадзе, Герой Украины Вадим Гетьман.

       АЛЬПИНИСТЫ. РАНЕЕ, погибла альпинистка
Пемба Шерпа (на 8000 метров на горе Лхоцзе), альпинисты Карл Унтеркирхер и Анатолий Букреев, умерли альпинисты Эдмунд Хиллари (2008), Рене Демисон (2007), Эрнст Мерецкий (2007), Михаил Туркевич , Владимир Балыбердин.
       На вершине Эвереста дует ветер со скоростью 200 километров в час, а температура ночью понижается до минус шестидесяти. За пятьдесят лет на склонах погибли более двухсот человек. Подъём на вершину стоит более 10 000 долларов, занимает около 2-х месяцев, а потеря веса — в среднем 15 кг. Слабо?

      SUPERCENTENARIAN. В Японии сегодня около 32.200 столетних человек. Ранее по версии Книги рекордов Гиннесса, старейшими жителями Земли в 2004-2009 гг были:
Джек Вейл, 107 лет
Франц Кюнстлер, 107 лет
Эрих Кестнер, 107 лет
Борис Ефимов, 108 лет
Дельфино Боррони, 110 лет Стелла Кули, 110 лет
Якуп Сатар, 110 лет
Эме Авиньон, 110 лет
Антонио Пьерро, 110 лет
Алексина Калверт, 110 лет
Айда Мейсон, 111 лет
Мэри Маркес, 111 лет
Дэниэль Гарсиа, 111 лет
Эмма Кэрролл, 112 лет
Ёсино Идэ, 113 лет
Беатрис Скарлетт Фарве, 113 лет
Мануэла Фернандес, 113 лет
Фред Хэйл, 113 лет
Клементина Солиньяк, 113 лет
Берта Фрай, 113 лет
Астрид Захрисон, 113 лет
Минагава, 113 лет
Цунео Тойонага, 113 лет
Хелен Стеттер, 113 лет
Шицу Накано, 113 лет
Каку Яманака, 113 лет
Йони Минагава, 114 лет
Эмма Тиллман, 114 лет
Арбелла Юинг, 114 лет
Рамона Иглесиаз, 114 лет
Мария де Жезуш, 115 лет
Эдна Паркер, 115 лет
Бетти Уилсон, 115 лет
Хэнни ван Андель-Шиппер, 115 лет
Эмилиано Дель Торо, 115 лет

Мария Каповилла, 116 лет
Григорий Нестор, 117 лет
Варвара Семенникова, 117 лет

Жанна Калмен, 122 года
Круз Хернандес, 128 лет

Сархат Рашидова, 131 год...

      Earlier, of a tumour of a brain have died
космиечский менеджер Джеймс Бенсон композитор Джордж Гершвин (1898–1937, прожил после диагноза только один месяц),
пионер рок-н-ролла и автор суперхита "Rock Around the Clock" Билл Хейли (1925–1981, прожил 2 года),
король свинга Louis Prima (1910–1978, пролежав три года в коме),
космонавты Анатолий Левченко (1941–1988), Чарлз Вич и Дональд Слейтон,
директор ЦРУ William Casey (1913–1987), президент Эстонии Lennart Meri (1929–2006),
путешественник Тур Хейредал (1914–2002), изобретатель музсинтезатора Robert Moog (1934–2005),
писатели Александр Зиновьев (1922–2006) и Джон Голсуорси (1867–1933).
Фактически от рака мозга умерли Боб Марли (1945–1981, метастазы от меланомы) и Джордж Харрисон (1943–2001, метастазы рака легких).
      Но до сих пор успешно борются с этой болезнью актриса Элизабет Тейлор (менингиома выявлена в 1997), 7-кратный чемпион велогонки "Тур де Франс" Лэнс Армстронг (диагноз в 1996) и Элеонор Мондейл (дочь вице-през.США).

      Ранее от болезни Альцгеймера скончались лучница Дорин Уилбер, супермодель Дориан Лей, президент Рональд Рейган, певец Перри Комо, актриса Джеральдин Фицджеральд, госсекретарь Сайрус Вэнс и премьер Гарольд Вильсон.

      Ранее, умерли:.
Алексей Черепанов, хоккеист, «Авангард». Октябрь 2008 года. Умер во время игры.
Игорь Антосик, хоккеист, «Рысь». Июль 2008 года. Умер после тренировки.
Кирилл Спасский, футболист, «Сатурн». Май 2008 г. Скончался наутро после игры от остановки сердца.
Хрвое Чустич, футболист (Хорватия),
Мики Рено, хоккеист, «Уиндзор Спитфайрз». Февраль 2008 г. Потерял сознание и умер в реанимации.
Гай Тчингома, футболист (Габон) умер на поле
Фил О'Доннелл (Шотландия) умер от инсульта за 12 минут до конца матча
Антонио Пуэрта, футболист, «Севилья», умер от инсульта (2007)
Сергей Жолток, хоккеист «Рига-2000». Ноябрь 2004 г. Погиб от сердечного приступа после игры.
Марк Фоэ, футболист, «Манчестер Сити», Англия. Июнь 2003 г. Умер от сердечного приступа прямо на поле.
Вячеслав Безукладников, хоккеист, «Лада». Июль 2001 г. Потерял сознание во время кросса.
Сергей Гриньков, фигурист. Ноябрь 1995 г. Умер во время тренировки от сердечного приступа.

      Death in boxing-4. РАНЕЕ В БОКСЕ. Погиб 18.05.2008 после нокаута Чо Хэ (КНР). 21.04.2008 выпал с балкона 8-го этажа чемпион Европы Ричардас Тамулис. С 9-го этажа упал и погиб чемпион СССР боксер Александр Мирошниченко. В феврале 2008 умерла российская чемпионка мира и Европы по боксу Елена Сабитова. В начале января 2008 года южнокорейские медики констатировали смерть головного мозга боксера Чо Йо Сама, который находился в коме с 25 декабря 2007 года после боя с индонезийцем Хери Амолом. 4 февраля 2008 года на Филиппинах боксерский поединок среди профессионалов завершился смертельным исходом для 22-летнего местного уроженца Алекса Ароя. Выступавший в категории до 47,6 кг. Ароя потерпел поражение от своего соотечественника Арнела Тадены и по окончании боя скончался. Чемпион мира Диего Корралес погиб 8 мая 2007 года недалеко от Лас-Вегаса.

      Football death-10. 4 мая умер Кирилл Спасский ("Сатурн", Раменское), 3 апреля 2008 умер футболист Хрвое Чустич (Хорватия). 9 февраля 2008 умер на поле футболист Гай Тчингома (Габон). 29 декабря 2007 года Фил О'Доннелл (Шотландия) умер от инсульта за 12 минут до конца матча, 19 октября Майкл Майденс (Англия) и 3 сентября Гифт Лереми (ЮАР) разбились в автокатастрофах. Ранее было 4 смерти футболистов прямо на поле. Эквадорец Джон Насарено умер 3 сентября от инфаркта, 29.8 умер на тренировке Замбиец Часве Нсофа, 29.8 умер на поле Антонио Пуэрта из «Севильи» (Испания). А 3 сентября в Великом Новгороде 23-летний юноша скончался после травмы, полученной в результате падения на него стальных футбольных ворот в пригородном поселке Волховский.

      TRAINERS.. Earlier, in 2008 the trainer has died "Шахтера" Виктор Носов, в 2007 году умерли тренеры сборной Армении по футболу Йан Портерфилд, сборной Нигерии Йоми Телла (чемпион мира) и Виктор Прокопенко, в 2006 - Константин Бесков, разбился Евгений Кучеревский, в 2005 - Юрий Морозов, в 2002 - Валерий Лобановский.

 - "Debby" (42) - White recordholder. Has died on 17 November 2008.

 - Pavel Marikovsky (96) - professor. Has died on November 2008.
       One of the best popular writers of a science in a history of the USSR on which books some generations of biologists and ecologists have grown.

 - "Tarun" (33) - the biggest and loved Odessa'citizen... Has died on October, 19.


2009: Андрей Попов, Анатолий Андрияшев
2008: Павел Мариковский, Николай Верещагин, Леонид Семаго, Лев Киселев, Владимир Корсунов, Евгений Соколов, Джошуа Ледерберг, Мелвин Трейлор, Фрэнк Диксон
2007: С.Бензир, О.Газенко, А.Корнберг, А.Каргаполов, В.Суходолец, А.Рапопорт, И.Збарский, С.Мамаев, П.Сергеев, А.Кафанов, М.Виноградов, В.Миташов, М.Гулый, А.МакЛарен, Д.Мичи, Ю.Кривошеин, Д.Орбелл, М.Канчани, М.Бэдхем, В.Худолей, Г.Тильке
2006: Ю.Алтухов, М.Козлов, Л.Корочкин, Л.Креславский, Е.Нинбург , А.Воробьев
2005: В.Струнников, Мириам Луиза Ротшильд, Эрнст Майр, Роберт Хантер, Дерек Ратклифф, Альберт Шац, Джон Остром
2004: Мисс Латимер, Френсис Крик, Морис Уилкинс, Эдвард Льюис

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